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Windermere Businesses: Three Reasons you Need the Cloud

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If you’re a business owner in Windermere, then you’re already aware of the area’s exceptional economic climate— especially when it comes to small business.  From the wealth of pro-business initiatives offered by the West Orange Chamber of Commerce, to a brand-new upscale shopping center that plans to lease space to local businesses, it’s safe to say you made a smart choice by choosing to do business in Windermere.

But there’s one more smart choice that Windermere small businesses seem reluctant to make: the choice to switch data storage to the cloud.

When talking to our clients, we’ve noticed that Windermere SMBs often think the cloud is something for their bigger counterparts to explore. We hear objections like, “But, it’s too complicated.”, “The cloud sounds expensive.”, “We are a small business, we don’t think we need the cloud.”

In reality, it is the SMBs that benefit the most from the cloud.  Here’s how cloud computing, recently called “the wave of the future,” by Forbes, can increase the efficiency of your business:

The cloud grows with you

Yes, you may be an SMB today and perhaps a few desktops and in-house hard-disks are sufficient.  However, as you grow, your data storage needs will increase and you will need much more than a few external hard-disks.  Servers become expensive and wholly owning one is not very cost-effective.

That problem disappears once cloud computing enters the picture.  Why? Because the cloud grows with you. Plus, when using cloud storage, you only pay for what you use.  That means you can scale up or down on cloud usage easily and save on costs.

You don’t have to worry about data security

When you store your data in-house, the headache of security, backups, and updates falls on you. However, with the cloud, all of that becomes your cloud service provider’s responsibility. You focus on running your business and your cloud service provider will take care of your data’s security and accessibility.


When you store your data on the cloud, it is accessible from anywhere using the internet. That lends a lot of flexibility to you. You or your employees don’t have to be in the office or have immediate access to their computers to be able to work. A quick order can be processed or an invoice can be raised even using an iPad or a smartphone!

It’s undeniable that the cloud is a valuable tool that you should take advantage of regardless of the size of your business.  Fortunately, we offer a wide range of services to outfit your business with cloud computing capabilities that will maximize your efficiency.

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