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Watch out for these 4 IT red flags

Orlando IT Support
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Florida ranked third in small business growth in 2017. Locations like Clermont, just outside of Orlando, is prime for continued growth. As someone running a SMB, you probably have a lot on your plate. You are the core decision maker, responsible for growing your business, keeping your clients happy and getting all the work done. Often, when you have so much going on, one area that gets overlooked is IT and IT support.

When you are so busy looking into other things, the start of IT issues may slip your watchful eyes. In this blog, we discuss the IT red flags that you need to watch out for.

Adware ambush

This generally happens when your internet browser has been hijacked and adware has been sneaked into your system. When you try to surf the net using a hijacked browser, you will find online ads popping up everywhere. And by that, we don’t mean the few sponsored search results or a couple of ads that show up when you browse a site. We are talking about ads showing up just about everywhere on your browser. Even a simple link click will take you to an unintended page; you cannot miss identifying an adware ambush!

Strange pop-ups

Much like the Adware ambush, strange pop-ups show up when you least expect them. For example, you may be trying to open a presentation or a document, and a series of pop-up windows will appear before you are allowed access to the file. Watch out for these, as they indicate the presence of a malware in your system.

Orlando IT Support
Fake Email

Spam/Fake emails

If all of a sudden, you see a lot of spam emails being sent from your/your staff’s official email IDs, there may be a worm at work. Often email worms enter the IT system through the download of one infected file and then replicate themselves across the network via email. Worms do this by penetrating the victim’s email security and spread itself across all of the victim’s email contact list through automated emails that look as if the victim actually sent them. So, is Sam from Accounting sending you a lot of junk emails? Probably time to get his PC checked.

A lot of what used to work before is now broken

We all have minor software and hardware issues here and there. But, if all of a sudden, a lot of stuff that used to be up and running seems to be broken, it screams “Red alert”! It could mean that the malware is slowly taking over your IT system, one program at a time.

Bottomline–Surprises are pleasant, but not so much in IT. If you find anything amiss, anything different:

  • like a machine that suddenly slowed down
  • a program that just doesn’t work anymore
  • a new plug-in added to your browser or a new homepage,

it’s better to take a more in-depth look and arrest the problem before it spreads elsewhere wreaking havoc through your IT network.

Our Process

We utilize a process that allows us to identify, detect, protect, respond and recover from Cyber Attacks and IT issues. If your business needs IT support, no matter if you are in Clermont, Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville, we can help guide you through the maze. With being in business since 2004 and only hiring top-level techs, we are here to help.

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