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Oviedo Businesses: Update Your Software!

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Time to Update That Software

Recently, the struggling Oviedo Mall announced that a 5,500-square-foot vacant storefront would be converted into an innovative co-working space.  Today, that space is home to three thriving tech companies, and there are plans to open up additional space for even more business.  It may be an unorthodox approach for a mall, but it’s also a great example of a local business making updates to safeguard their longevity.

Believe it or not, there’s one simple update that every Oviedo business can make in order to make sure they stay in the game: updating their software.

Smaller firms are often reluctant to download updates to their operating systems, individual apps, and programs. Why?  Business owners often don’t consider software updates to be an essential part of upkeep for their SMB; after all, why would you spend valuable time updating your operating system when the previous version of the OS worked perfectly fine?

But why should you download updates ASAP?  Because updates aren’t only about new features— they also include patches to new security issues.  That means that when you neglect to install necessary updates, you leave your SMB vulnerable to cyberattacks.

In fact, regularly updating your SMB’s software is the easiest and most inexpensive way to protect yourself from malware and other nefarious viruses.  It’s best to download the update as soon as it comes out, because it may be released specifically to fight newly-discovered malware or ransomware hacks.  

And since Oviedo recently ranked in the 90th percentile in a nationwide assessment of economic health in small cities, it’d be a shame to miss out on Oviedo’s thriving economic environment because of a preventable cyberattack.

While regularly updating software is an important step to protect your SMB from cyberattacks, it doesn’t guarantee the safety of your business.  Want to learn more? Check out the cybersecurity services that we offer.  

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