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Cyber Attackers are focussing on small business. 

Cyber Security Orlando
1 %
Go Out of Business
1 %
Have no data protection plan
$ 84000
Cyber Attacks Devastate Small Business

We offer Cyber Security services to the Central Florida area. DataCube Systems is more than an outsourced help desk; think of us as a partner in your business. We share your goals, your success, and your growth strategies. 

* Two-Thirds of all Cyberattacks are directed at small businesses

*USA Today 


60% of all small businesses go out of business within six months of facing a Cyber Attack!


90% of small business don’t use any data protection at all for company and customer information.

*$84,000 - $148,000

Cyber Attacks costs businesses between $84,000 and $148,000. Can your business survive an attack?

A Cyberattack Puts Everything at Risk!

The coming Cyberattack puts your brand, your intellectual property, your reputation, and your customers at risk.  Cybercriminals are moving faster new threats are emerging daily and attacks on the rise. Most Cyber-Attacks worldwide are targeted at companies with 250 employees or less. With that being the case, what is your plan of defense? 

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Secuity Solutions For Business.

At Data Cube, your business is first. We utilize a process that helps you identify, detect, protect, respond and recover from a cyber attack. No company can guarantee 100% protection from an attack, but we do ensure that we will use the industry best resources to protect you and your assets. We align your business technology to security standards to attain near protection and recovery. We work with your team to provide an audit of your system’s risks and security gaps. Should an incident occur, we will walk alongside you with a response plan in place. 

Cyber Security

Pre-compliance & Regulatory Review

Business Impact Assessment

Vulnerability (GAP) Assessment

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Vulnerability Remediation

Managed Threat Detection & Response

Proactive Threat Hunting

24x7x365 Security Operations Center

Incident Response Plan

A Proactive Approach to Cyber Security


We thoughtfully maximize your return on investment into IT security controls. We don't offer randomly expensive solutions.


Are there gaps in your systems? We will benchmark your IT network against security best practices to derive a sequential plan.


We take a proactive mindset to hunting threats and finding anomalies before they turn into a disaster. Put your network on the offense.


Employees are the greatest risk to your companies security. We partner with a leading platform for new-school security awareness training.

Cyber Security Orlando

I focus on you because you are an easy target. The Walmart of the world is too complicated for my team, but 90% of you guys are unprotected…, and I like those odds. 

Cyber SAM


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