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Orlando Businesses Face Potential Data Breach

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It’s time to check those credit card statements because Orlando businesses are at risk of Cyber Attacks.

Orlando, Florida is known for world-class theme parks and entertainment; it’s no secret that families from around the world flock to places like the Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, and Sea World.

What we may not realize is that potential criminals are lurking in the networks that run these establishments. Cyber Criminals are targeting Orlando area businesses and putting our information at risk.

Question Every Orlando Business Must Ask

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Here is the question that every smart and savvy business owner has to ask, “If they can hack a major tourist area, what keeps them from hacking my establishment?”

What keeps them from hacking your insurance company?

What keeps them from hacking your medical practice?

What keeps them from hacking your service company?


Nothing! It’s only a matter of time. You might think that your business is so small that you are off the radar when it comes to Cyber Criminals. However, USA Today, reports that nearly 2/3 of all attacks targeted small businesses.

What Most Companies Do

Most companies ignore the facts.

Most companies pretend that it will never happen to them.

Most companies continue doing “business as usual.”

Most companies put their customers, their employees, their reputation, and their business at risk!

Orlando Small Business Case Study

We met with an Orlando area small business owner three weeks ago. She is a solopreneur. Frantically she reached out to us here at Data Cube Systems with this story. She said, “the other day I got a message from one of my clients saying, ‘I wired the $1,200 to your bank account.'”

Of course, the business owner had never asked her client to wire any money to a bank account. Bottom line, her email was spoofed, and the criminal requested money. Of course, everything looked legit, and the client had no way of knowing this request was coming from a criminal.

As a result, the client is out $1,200 and the small business’s reputation is damaged.

This business operates in a small niche in some even smaller upscale Orlando communities. She can’t afford to have her reputation tarnished.

Don’t Do What Most Companies Do

Don’t put your customers at risk.

Don’t put your employees at risk.

Don’t put your business at risk.

Don’t stick your head in the proverbial beach sand and say, “It will never happen to me.”

Plan of Action

You need a plan of action!

We take a proactive plan of action when it comes to protecting your company.


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If nothing else, check your credit card statements if you have visited any of these compromised restaurants.

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