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How Ocoee Businesses Can Protect Themselves from Ransomware

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Imagine this: your SMB has been thriving lately.  You’re feeling great— so great that you decide to take a long lunch one day.  After all, you’ve earned it! You stop by Publix to grab a quick Pub Sub on the way to Bill Breeze Park, where you enjoy a calming breeze off of Lake Starke and some well-deserved relaxation.  Life is good.

But then you come back into the office to find that your SMB has been hit with a nasty computer virus: ransomware.  Suddenly, all of your business operations come to screeching halt. Whether or not your business will survive remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: you won’t be taking another long lunch for a long, long, time.

If you haven’t heard, ransomware is a virus that freezes access to your data and then demands a ransom, usually in bitcoin. If you are familiar, then you may have heard of the WannaCry virus, a ransomware attack in May 2017 that affected at least 200,000 computers.  The worst thing about it is that once you are hit, there is almost nothing you can do.

There are only 2 options.  The first is to refuse to pay the ransom and lose access to your data forever.  The second is to pay the ransom and suffer a significant financial loss. Neither is ideal.  

There is no “downloadable” fix. You are stuck. With ransomware, the ONLY cure is prevention.  So how can you prevent your Ocoee SMB from falling prey to a ransomware attack?

In the case of ransomware, you need to be constantly updating your data and securing it in isolation from your network. Even then, if your backup system overrides your older data each time it backs up, you can actually save the virus if it has infected your system at the time of the backup.

When you work with Data Cube Systems, we backup your system every 30 minutes. In addition to backing up your system, our software will immediately remove any affected computers from the network, thus protecting your additional computers and servers.

With new ransomware attacks happening all the time, it’s important to outfit your SMB with effective cybersecurity tools to ensure that your SMB continues to thrive. Check out the wide range of cybersecurity services that we offer to get started!

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