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Horizon West Business Owners: Cut Your Phone Bill in Half using VoIP

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We all know that Horizon West is an ideal place to live and work— and that won’t be stopping any time soon.  If you didn’t already know, Horizon West is the fastest-growing community in the Orlando area and, among the many incentives to living here, a recently-proposed plan has the potential to make Horizon West home to the Central Park of Orange County.

But even in the prime economic environment that is Horizon West, small business owners should still be looking to bolster their IT infrastructure and cut unnecessary costs where they can.  That’s where VoIP comes in.

When small business managers think about their IT infrastructure, they think about their employee’s mobile devices, cabling, Wi-Fi, laptops, a printer, and Internet connectivity. These are the basics of their IT infrastructure.

However, there is one other aspect of a modern corporate IT infrastructure, and it’s one that you may not have considered: VoIP, an internal phone system that can connect “voice” over the internet, rather than traditional copper wires.

Once upon a time, every office had an internal phone system that connected to the world via wire/cable/fiber. That wire/cable/fiber then connected a person in your office to a person somewhere else via the local phone company and a long distance carrier. And they did it for a per minute fee— a very high per minute fee if you called internationally.

Today, a VoIP phone system eliminates the phone company’s per minute connection, sidestepping them and running the voice call over the Internet.

Since VoIP can often cut your phone bill in half, it’s an option you can’t afford to not consider.  Click here to see how Data Cube Systems can outfit your business with industry-standard VoIP technology.

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