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Cyber Security

Horizon West, FL

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We are a Cyber Security company proudly serving Horizon West, Fl

Cyber Threats

We proactively hunt cyber threats and protect your business. 

We Take Your Security Serious

Every small business is at risk. At Data Cube Systems, we bring our proven solutions to work for you. 


Protect your business with our Security Operations Center (SOC). 

Our Security Dashboard

“I have a firewall, Isn’t that Cyber Security?” A firewall is part of your Cyber Security, but it only looks outwardly for intrusions to stop them from happening, it doesn’t detect attacks from the inside of a network. A robust Cyber Security solution watches for attacks that occur from outside and inside the system. When those attacks occur, our security operations center is alerted. The SOC and the software are looking for specific signatures that come from common computer hacks.

Our Process

Our hardware is placed at specific points within your network to monitor traffic to and from the devices on your system. That traffic is matched to a repository of known attackers. Once an issue is observed, the SOC team is immediately notified. 

Data Cube Systems has been serving Horizon West, FL since 2004. We help support businesses of all sizes within the Horizon West area for Cyber Security. Some companies in Horizon West don’t have an IT department. They are in real need of IT support at every level including for Cyber Security. Most organizations that do have an IT department cannot do proper Cyber Security. 

We partner with your business providing top of the line Cyber Security solutions.

It's Easy as 1, 2, 3

Orlando IT Support

Why use Data Cube's Managed Cyber Security Service for your Orlando business

  • Time: Data Cube Manages everything, including the sensor. Our Analysts simply report any issues detected.
  • Cost: No equipment purchase, no training, no hiring, just a low monthly fee.
  • Expertise: This is what Data Cube's Analysts do everyday! Training, researching, reviewing and finding new ways to detect the bad guys. Is your IT staff ready for that level of effort?
  • Business: Your IT team can focus on business driven initiatives to increase revenue and reduce expenses, not learning and managing another security appliance.

Protect your Orlando business BEFORE you have an incident and use our security monitoring & management expertise to establish a watertight Cyber Security solution.

What's Included with the managed service?

  • Monitor for malicious activity and policy violations
  • Detect evolving ransomware, malware and viruses
  • Inspect all traffic in your network
  • Updated daily with the latest emerging threats
  • Detect unpatched software (Java, Flash etc)
  • Detect unencrypted logins containing ID’s and Passwords in clear text
  • Prevent attacks and find policy violators
  • Relieve maintenance burden on your IT team
  • Provide recommendations for event mitigation
  • Receive activity summary reports as required


Firewalls are great at preventing traffic from the Internet gaining direct access to your systems.  However, with phishing emails, cross site scripting and other content based approaches, attacks are arriving over approved firewall rule sets.

Analyze your Network Traffic

A more comprehensive approach to Cyber Security is required, involving managed network monitoring, and a combination of both automated and human-based intrusion detection.

Orlando IT Red Flags

Why is a firewall not enough?

A firewall is only part of a robust network security strategy. It acts as a gatekeeper, checking ‘to’ and ‘from’ IP addresses and either allowing or refusing entry.

Even if your firewall is ‘locked-down’, malware is still able to slip through. Today’s malware is smarter, sneaking across the border in traffic that firewalls mark as legitimate.

We help you bridge this gap by inspecting at the packet level and identifying threats before they take hold in your network. We provide the best of both automated and human detection.

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Orlando IT Support

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Data Cube Systems helps businesses in Orlando with IT technology strategy and support solutions. Successful, thriving businesses require a clear and predictable technology strategy to manage business technology systems. Data Cube is the clear choice for business leaders looking for a technology partner that will help them make critical technology decisions to ensure their business success

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