Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Would your business survive a fire, flood,
tornado, theft or a catastrophic hardware failure?

Data backup is one of those things that pretty much any business or organization recognizes as important. Some may even say “very” or “critically” important. Yet data backup — and especially disaster recovery — is probably one of the least understood components in business technology. It’s certainly one of the most overlooked, since it’s not sometime that directly affects our everyday computer usage. We tend to not think about it too much until we NEED it, but by then it’s too late!

In keeping with our desire to provide the most proactive, high quality technology solutions, we have partnered with a leading company to bring you a truly top notch solution.



Near Real-Time

Generally as often as every 15 minutes.

Local and Offsite Storage

Local backup combined with daily off-site storage – allows for quick local restores.

Secure and Encrypted

Secure, encrypted off-site storage of nightly server images.

Complete Image Backups

Full server image backups allow for quick restores in case of hardware failure.

Dissimilar Hardware Restores

Server image restore to dissimilar hardware allows simple replacement of servers.

Loved and Recommended

Trusted and loved by IT administrators and business owners.