Virtual Desktop

Our Virtual Desktop’s free your business from the endless cycle of purchasing, supporting, upgrading and ultimately replacing local PCs by providing an untethered “virtual” workspace that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, on a variety of devices for a predictable monthly fee. Since all of the “work” is being done in the Cloud, you can extend the usable life of your older computers, replace them with inexpensive thin clients, and even provide secure access from Home PCs and tablets.

Virtual Desktop Benefits

Improve Business Agility: Hosted Virtual Desktop allows you to rapidly deliver IT to new staffs, remote offices, or newly acquired companies. You can easily collaborate with your workmates.

Reduce the Burden of Large IT Capital Expenditures: Don’t worry about spending on costly servers again! By moving to a cloud virtual desktop, you curtail hardware purchases. Data Cube manages and guarantees the speed of your hardware operating your Windows virtual desktop reducing the total cost of ownership of your IT systems.

Flexible Work Environment and Maximum Employee Satisfaction and Retention: Allow users to work from anywhere on any device that too at any time. Hosted Virtual desktops is accessible from anywhere with an internet connectivity, be it the office, at home, an internet cafe or even when abroad. No matter where users log on from, they get access to their own individual desktop.

Let your IT Department Focus on your Business Growth: Hosted Virtual Desktops allow you to free up your valued IT resources to concentrate on rising your business needs as against managing your day-to-day IT issues.

Maintain Business Compliance: Virtual desktops are managed centrally and gives controlled access. This means no matter from where you access your hosted desktop, it can be centrally management by IT departments, with controls and permissions easily applied and monitored as required.

Add New Users Profiles Quickly to the Network: Hosted desktops are made available on demand, which means they are just a click away. Desktops can be set up and running within no time that too ready-to-use and with full set of Office applications. You can add or remove users as per your need. This means that you can add the required desktops for the tenure you need, pay for those desktops for that period and then turn them off when not required.

Gain Secured Access to your Data from Anywhere at Anytime: With hosted virtual desktop the mantra of “Anytime. Anywhere.” becomes more than just a cliche or buzzwords. Hosted desktops feature enable you to have access to your applications, documents and data from anywhere. You are never more than a browser away from the office.

Manage your IT Infrastructure from a Central Location: Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) allows the user to have a computer where the operating system, all applications, and data are kept on a central server instead of a local desktop.

Enjoy Business Continuity: As your data is no longer snarled to local hardware, even during an event such as office burglary, all your data will be totally safe and your desktops will be accessible immediately.

Gain Web Access to Files and Applications: With Virtual Desktops, you can get access to your files and application via a web browser. You just have to go to the given web url and login using the credentials given to you.

Access Third-Party Applications: Apart from the default Office applications, you can access, install and view custom third-party applications on your virtual desktop.